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Anti insects and rodents

Anti insects and rodents is a main activity of the company where Egypt service uses the modernist chemicals permitted by ministry of health, insecticides research labs and world health organization as well as using the modernist methods and equipments as per technical specifications of these works and means of execution, also these works are supervised by Engineers specialized in this field and execution takes place by high qualified technicians.

Thermal fogging has best equipments and chemicals as follows:

- Thermal fogging equipments
- Ting atomizers.
- Manual equipments and sprayers.
- Environment friendly chemicals for achieving the following purpose.
        1- killing insects quickly.
        2- Permanent effect.
        3- Can't result in stains or delay and secure for sprayed surfaces.
        4- Treating difficult or risky erosion places such as channels, slots and around electric appliances in which liquids are difficult to use and this Process takes place by dusting.
        5- All insecticides are not risky.