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Security Services:

Securing and guarding all establishments according to security plans designed by specialists in this field by using new appliances such as metals detectors, ...

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Cleaning Services:

Environment affairs activity is a main activity of Egypt service, in this field Egypt services follows modern methods by using cleaning equipments ...

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Other Services:

Anti insects and rodents is a main activity of the company where Egypt service uses the modernist chemicals permitted by ministry of health, insecticides research labs and world health organization as ...

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Environment Policy:

Due to this work nature, our priority is concerning about and maintaining environment from moral and professional prospective believing in ...

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Egypt Service in Brief

Egypt service was established in 1994 as a pioneering company in services field (Security and Guarding- cleaning- killing insects and rodents- water tanks cleaning man power supply with main office in Alexandria, Horia road Janakles, Branch in Cairo and other branch in 6th the of October.
Since establishment it included many previous armed forces and police officers leaderships competent and able to securing, control and foreign relationships, many of them are still securing and guarding great governmental, private and multi national companies in Cairo and Alexandria whose security tasks were required from our company.
Due to Egypt Service's leaderships and employees holding high and intermediate qualifications and enjoying high levels of experience as well as high quality and technology cleaning tools and equipments and services, it was entrusted with the greatest companies and establishments clearing operation which submit to international companies for reviewing and evaluating their cleaning process.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or request concerning our services, Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Tel: +203 5759195
Fax: +203 5758989
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